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Holistic therapy
and energy healing

Together we can change your reality

Welcome beautiful soul!
You have ended up on this page because the Universe has got your back & so do I ;)

Encounters like this don't happen as a coincidence. They happen because our energy matches.


I have what it takes to help and guide you through your healing journey, and you have WHAT IT TAKES TO HEAL YOURSELF AND START YOUR JOURNEY TOWARDS HAPPINESS, HEALING,  CONFIDENCE & ACCEPTANCE.​


You're probably sick of feeling sick. Tired of seeing yourself stuck in the same cycle, usually one that is not healthy and positive for you.


You are exhausted by not changing something in your life you KNOW it's not aligned with your highest potential, and maybe overwhelmed by the fact that you cannot do this on your own.


​You are here because you have accepted your reality, you're not happy with it, and you decided to reach out for HELP! It takes a lot of courage, I know. I truly honour you for taking this step.


​The good news is: from now on, YOU'RE NOT ALONE ANYMORE. I'M HERE! And I'm here all the way. ​We are in this together. I will help you go through the ups and downs of this incredible journey called life!


Dancing in Park

The world doesn't benefit when you try to be someone you're not

The world doesn't benefit when you play small

What the world need is authentic, truthful, empowered, happy human beings doing exactly what they are meant to do: BEING THEMSELVES


Why suffer if you can thrive?

As a holistic therapist specialized in healing traumas, emotional wellbeing and inner child work, I believe we all have the innate ability to heal and overcome the blockages that prevent us from thriving in life.

Do you feel lost, overwhelmed, anxious, resentful? Or maybe you struggle with low confidence and self-esteem? Do you see yourself repeating the same destructive patterns over and over again? 


Are you looking to have more of:

- emotional wellbeing & stability

- happiness

- mental, physical and emotional health

- confidence & self-esteem 


I feel you. I see you. And I can help! 

Why healing

Why are healing and emotional wellbeing important?


 You came to the right place if:  

1. Emotions control you. You feel anxiety, sadness, fear, overwhelm; and when you realize, they have already taken over your mind, body and overall wellbeing


2. You don't understand why you behave in certain ways. You get triggered by someone or something, and you instantly react. You defend yourself and, many times, you hurt others around you by doing so. You might also feel shame and regret for how you behaved, but you don't know what to do with it, or it becomes a vicious cycle of hurt/apologies that you don't know how to break


3. You realize you have destructive patterns such as:

- Pushing people away

- Saying YES when all you want is to say NO - boundaries issues

- Scared to be vulnerable - trust issues

- Procrastination, the art of leaving everything for later

- You are too needy and want people to fulfil an emptiness you feel inside

- Bottling emotions: feeling something unpleasant and finding something to distract yourself with instead of sitting with your emotions and dealing with them in a healthy way

- Unhealthy coping mechanisms and addictions, such as eating disorders, smoking, gambling, sex/porn, shopping, etc.

- Lashing out/projecting your bottled emotions onto others, making it hard for your relationships to flourish

- You cannot attract true love; it doesn't matter what you do. For some reason, you seem always to attract unavailable/toxic people

- Carrying deeply rooted emotions from the past, like guilt, resentment, anger, regrets. Something that makes it really hard for you to look back into your past and feel at peace with it

- Having destructive/toxic thoughts that always put you down in some way

- Self-esteem & confidence issues

- Lack of self-love/respect/compassion/care


Don't worry. We all have our battles and demons. We all struggle with something. We all have destructive coping mechanisms. But it's time to change!


The world doesn't benefit when you try to be someone you're not. Nobody benefits from you playing small. We all need your light to shine as bright as possible because energy is contagious.


WHEN YOU HEAL, you raise your vibration. And when you do that, EVERYTHING CHANGES! You shift your energy and start spreading love, acceptance, confidence instead of the old negative emotions and thoughts. 


Meet Mari Graber

Holistic therapist specialized in healing traumas and improving your overall emotional wellbeing

I always had a natural talent for listening. Listening with neutrality, love and wisdom. I love people, and I love observing their behaviours and complexities. Human beings fascinate me!


After going through my healing journey, I realized that the power of changing our reality lies in our hands. We can choose to remain stuck where we are, or WE CAN CHOOSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND CHANGE OUR LIVES FOR THE (MUCH) BETTER!


So after lots of healing, I could finally detach from what people expected of me (or what I expected of myself), and I chose to create a better and happier life for myself.


I started from scratch, and a whole new world opened up to me: I could be myself and use my natural gifts to help people find their healing, purpose and happiness in this life.


I never felt so authentic and empowered in my life!


I immersed myself in the world of holistic therapies and became certified in several modalities, such as Theta Healing, Quantum Being, Reiki, Access Bars, Conscious Sexuality, among others.


Today, I help people throughout the world heal their traumas, make peace with their past, cope with their emotions and reprogram their limiting beliefs to experience a joyful and empowered life.


Remember, you are light & pure love. My job is to remind you that this is your essence and help you to vibrate this frequency in your inner and outer world.

I honour you for being here. Thank you, and I hope to meet you soon!

Meet Mari Graber


ThetaHealing is a mind/body technique that uses the energy that flows through all things to produce instantaneous and permanent change at the cellular level. This results in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.


We understand that our belief systems (where our limiting and liberating beliefs live) create our current environment, including our daily patterns, health, wealth, and relationships. These beliefs are often rooted during childhood, passed down from our ancestors, past lives, or absorbed from present and ancient group consciousness.


During a ThetaHealing session, we work on changing the belief systems that create these issues in your life, transforming the body, mind, and spirit — bringing balance, connection, and healing. It's all about connecting you to yourself again, to that true self that we often suppress to fit into the patterns created by other people and the society we live in.


I invite you to embark on this beautiful journey into yourself to discover all that you are so that you can live your life with passion, joy and excitement!

Girl Running in a Field


Quantum Being is about EMOTIONS and FREEDOM.


It's about allowing us to feel what we feel without judgment, understanding that there is no such thing as good and bad emotions. They are all a flow of energy, a vibration (higher and lower levels) going through our bodies.


We spend our lives trying not to feel negative emotions like sadness, fear, frustration, shame, guilt, envy, jealously, anger. But feeling them is what makes us human. This beautiful technique teaches us how to accept and embrace every emotion, giving us tools to navigate through them, free from judging them or the person or situation who triggered it. Once you feel it, it's yours to handle. 


Bottled emotions can also be the main reason behind body stiffness and health conditions.


Quantum Being will help you to let that stagnated vibration in your body flow again, giving you a sensation of presence, freedom and wellbeing. It's a beautiful exercise of listening to your body. It's a path to loving and understanding yourself while also developing compassion towards others.


Reiki is a powerful, effective and straightforward touch-activated energy therapy for natural health, relaxation and self-empowerment.


Reiki's word consists of two Japanese words: Rei, meaning 'universal,' and Ki, meaning 'life-force energy.' By boosting and balancing your life-force energy through Reiki, you can bring health and vitality to all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Reiki treats and prevents disease by allowing energy flow to all areas that have experienced blockages, bringing balance, harmony and strength to one's overall being.


Reiki gives more energy to chronic fatigue sufferers, relieves arthritis, rheumatic aches and other troublesome pains. Cuts, burns, sprains and broken bones recover twice as quickly! The calming effect of Reiki dramatically benefits those with stress, hyperactivity and ADD conditions. And the revitalizing effect of Reiki assists those with depression.


It also improves your sleep, focus, clarity, mood and overall wellbeing. Reiki is like that silent Ninja, very subtle but very powerful!

Reiki Treatment
Sandy Beach

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Kylie Searle

Mari is absolutely amazing. After years of seeing counsellors and feeling like I was getting nowhere I was referred to Mari. In the past 6 months Mari has helped me more than anyone ever has. She is insightful, caring and has this uncanny ability to uncover things that you didn't realise were affecting you. She not only uncovers it but gives you the tools to acknowledge, accept, and move forward. She is the best and I cant recommend her highly enough.

Sharon Moase

Wow, what can I say, Mari has a unique talent that is going to help so many people. She has the ability to work through to core issues to create a profound and lasting healing, providing space for her clients to move forward and excel in life! Highly recommend these amazing treatments and this wonderful woman!

Santiago Ledesma

Being Marianne's client has been a life-changing experience and an absolute pleasure. She is an amazingly good listener who, because of her very calm, compassionate and reassuring demeanour, makes you feel comfortable and safe the moment you meet her. Through having worked with Mari, it has become apparent that the wisdom that she shares is bourne from strength and self-awareness she has gained from challenges she's overcome herself and the undoubtedly remarkable experiences she's lived through. The depth of her insight and her amazing intuition allowed her to pinpoint and help me identify, during our very first session together, an issue that I've been struggling with and had not been previously able to articulate for months. I can say with absolute sincerity that if it were not for Mari, I would not be on the path to wellbeing that I am on now!

Sean Boland

Absolutely amazing!!! I was referred to Mari by a close friend and was sceptical at first but I have not looked back since.

Mari’s wholistic therapy techniques has made so much of a difference in my personal life I would not see anyone else and recommend her to anyone needing guidance.


Need more information? Let me know what you need, and I'll be back ASAP ;)

Thanks for submitting! I I'll do my best to get back to you on the same day, but please allow up to 48 hours for me to respond. I appreciate your understanding. With love, Mari.

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