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Our main mission in life is to be ourselves.
Nothing else.

my approach

But it takes courage. And in order to do that most of us need to heal the things which prevent us from expressing our true nature. Sometimes it’s been hidden and suppressed for so long that one might not even know what their true essence really is.

Your way of being and feeling is unique, stop comparing yourself!

It’s one of the things I see the most in my clients. Resisting their nature, trying to silence their intuition to try to become someone they’re not. This pattern is usually cyclical, it happens because they want to be loved and accepted by people (usually main caretakers) whose efforts to also be loved and accepted are far greater than to express their true nature. 


And the essence is there... lost, abandoned, suppressed. Our only mission is to express the essence, without fear, without judgment.

The world doesn't need people who are the same. The world needs people who are themselves to compose the whole. Only in this way can we evolve our own humanity, assuming our real identity.

The message I want to leave today is: you are what you are for a reason.

There is neither right nor wrong, it is what needs to be. And that is TO BE YOU!

Why choose me?


I mix different modalities of healing therapy I have learned throughout my life — Theta Healing, Quantum Being (emotional listening), Reiki, Access Bars, etc.


Every session is different and unique, where the main focus is getting you connected with your essence and help you feel comfortable in expressing your true nature.

My clients come to me when they believe something could be better with their lives, being of emotional, physical or practical nature. When they feel they need to reclaim their emotional wellbeing in response to issues of overwhelm, grief, stress, anxiety and trauma, their relationships, self-esteem and confidence. Are you feeling lost? Need to make a decision but don't know what to do? Procrastination issues? Want to understand why you struggle to find your soulmate? I can help ;)

I will help you see life in a light and joyful way. I will teach you tools for you to handle your emotions and limiting thoughts with compassion. I will help you look in the mirror and love yourself, not because you're perfect, but because you embrace your imperfections. The healing process is not about reaching perfection but evolving and have fun in the eternal cycle of being human.

I promise you my passionate commitment and a safe, non-judgmental space for you to open your heart.

Main therapy techniques

ThetaHealing  is a mind/body technique that uses the energy that flows through all things to produce instantaneous and permanent change at the cellular level. This results in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.


We understand that our belief systems (containing limiting and liberating beliefs) create our current environment, including our daily patterns, health, wealth, and relationships. These beliefs are often rooted during childhood, passed down from our ancestors, past lives, or absorbed from present and ancient group consciousness.


During a ThetaHealing session, we work on changing the belief systems that create these issues in your life, transforming the body, mind, and spirit — bringing balance, connection, and healing. It's all about connecting you to yourself again, to that real true self that we many times suppress in order to fit into the patterns created by other people and/or the society we live in.


I invite you to embark on this beautiful journey into yourself to discover all that you are, so you can live your life with passion, joy and excitement!

Quantum Being is about EMOTIONS and FREEDOM. It's about allowing us to feel what we feel without judgment, understanding that there is no such thing as good and bad emotions. They are all a flow of energy, a vibration (higher and lower levels) going through our bodies.

We spend our lives trying not to feel negative emotions like sadness, fear, frustration, shame, guilt, envy, jealously, anger. But feeling them is what makes us human. This beautiful technique teaches us how to accept and embrace every emotion, giving us tools to navigate through them, free from judging them or the person or situation who triggered it. Once you feel it, it's yours to handle. 


Bottled emotions can also be the main reason behind body stiffness and health conditions.

Quantum Being will help you to let that stagnated vibration in your body flow again, giving you a sensation of presence, freedom and wellbeing. It's a beautiful exercise of listening to your body. It's a path to loving and understanding yourself while also developing compassion towards others.

Reiki is a powerful, effective and simple touch-activated energy therapy for natural health, relaxation and self-empowerment.

Reiki's word consists of two Japanese words: Rei, meaning ‘universal,’ and Ki, meaning ‘life-force energy.’ By boosting and balancing your life-force energy through Reiki, you can bring health and vitality to all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reiki treats and prevents disease by allowing the flow of energy to all areas that have experienced blockages, bringing balance, harmony and strength to one’s overall being. Reiki gives more energy to chronic fatigue sufferers, relieves arthritis, rheumatic aches and other troublesome pains. Cuts, burns, sprains and broken bones recover twice as quickly! The calming effect of Reiki greatly benefits those with stress, hyperactivity and ADD conditions. And the revitalizing effect of Reiki assists those with depression.

It also improves your sleep, focus, clarity, mood and overall wellbeing. Reiki is like that silent Ninja, very subtle but extremely powerful!

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